Sunday, 9 March 2014

Booking Library Learning Hub Resources

This How To will show you the steps to book a LIT teacher or the use of technology in the Library/ICT area, now called the Library Learning Hub.

Students and teachers can book, students would ask their teacher before making a booking. 

Workshops can be based around any library, research, technology skill you need to assist with your learning.


  • to complete a task in GAFE but you don't know how  
    • can't work out how to share
    • want to use the research tool but don't know how
    • need help to collaborate on a document
    • help with your Google Drive, finding saving downloading etc
    • how to use Sheets
    • how to use Slides
  • setting up your Auckland Libraries account so you can access online tools for research
  • using OPAC to find book resources
  • video editing 
  • sound recording
These are just a few of the many ways we can help you.

You watch the video to see how to make a booking or follow the steps below.



1. Log into a Chromebook or your account on a PC and open your calendar

2. Click on Quick Add arrow
3. Write Room or your name and purpose

4. After you click Add you need to follow the instructions on the image below.
Click on Rooms to show the resources like you see in the picture.

If the resource you picked says it is unavailable try a different time. You can look on the calendar to see other bookings and find a free time. 
Ask your teacher to have a look for you.

If you can't work this out get your teacher to book a workshop with the LIT teacher. 

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  1. is this for real? each teacher needs to build their entire timetable by hand? surely there's a simpler/neater method